Welcome to the website of Research Center of Vehicle Industry! 

The Research Center of Vehicle Industry aims at providing appropriate research and development cooperation between the automotive partners and higher education involving:

  • Basic and targeted basic research
  • Ensuring R&D human resource and service
  • Improvement of R&D services
  • Common work in research and innovation
  • Establishing R&D and innovation activities with infrastructure
The Research Center of Vehicle Industry has been working since May 2011 and consists of the following research groups: Vehicle Dynamics, Vehicle Electronics, Electronic Vehicle Powertrain, Self-driving / Autonomous, Artificial intelligence, Simulation and Optimization. These groups give an excellent background for the planned basic and targeted researches on the topics of modeling and analyzing complex hybrid and electric vehicle dynamics, electronic measuring and control methods, mathematical models and optimization processes, automotive infocommunication technologies. Based on the results of the different research areas significant and continuous cooperative industrial developments of vehicle (sub)systems can be achieved. Our latest and most researched topic is self-driving (a.k.a autonomous) vehicles. We believe that fully self-driving technology can lead to safe, easy and sustainable transportation. We are preparing for this new technology-to-come by studying and researching its fundamentals and exploring the  possibilities it offers. This process helps us gain unique knowledge on the mixed field of mechatronics, robotics and artificial intelligence. Future transportation can be safe, easy and sustainable without compromises.

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